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Flying Frog

Flying Frog

F) Ex20
A) Am50
S) Gd10
E) In40
R) Ty6
I) Gd10
P) Gd10

Health: 120 Karma: 26
Resources: Pr Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Gliding: Ty airspeed
Leaping: In, 5 area movement in one bound, may move another 5 if he gets a success End FEAT.
-Hopping (Multiple Attack): Used against a group of characters in the same area, His legs can deliver a blow causing Ex damage to the each target. This attack used the Charge column and hops from character to character. Maximum number of targets is 9. If he misses one, he can still continue to hop attack each potential target in the area.
-Hopping (Single Attack): Rm damage, this hop are so hard to gauge when he's leaping, his Agility can be used at the same time for dodging
Wall-Crawling: In
Tongue: Can be used as Ex Blunt or entanglement
Malleable Body: Flying Frog's entire body Frog is very limber and can contort his body to squeeze through small spaces that others would not normally fit. Attempts to grapple or strike Flying Frog suffer a -3cs penalty to hit while Flying Frog's own attacks are on the Am level.


Talents: Martial Arts B, Acrobatics, Tumbling

Contacts: The Destructix


Flying Frog's exact origins are a complete mystery. All that is known, by his own disjointed recount, is that he was a jester in Mercia at one point many years ago. His wild and violent antics terrified the other residents, as he would attack them and even break into houses, suggesting he left behind a high body count doing so. He was imprisoned for a time but managed to free himself, presumably killing his guard in the process, and resumed stalking and hunting down more victims to "play" with over and over. Eventually, Flying came into contact with Mammoth Mogul through unknown means, and entered his service to "play the games he likes to play."

Like the rest of the Fearsome Foursome, Flying Frog debuted as an agent of Mammoth Mogul's, attacking the Chaotix on his orders and specifically countering the high agility of Vector the Crocodile. After being defeated and retreating from this battle, he would return to help Mogul in his bid to claim the Sword of Acorns by pitting the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters against each other. Frog's purpose involved serving as the substance behind Mogul's illusions of Vector the Crocodile and Sonic the Hedgehog, which initially had the two groups fighting. When the more level-headed members of each team noticed the errors in these illusions, however, the scheme was blown and Frog was captured along with his teammates.

Along with the rest of the Fearsome Foursome, Flying Frog was sent to Devil's Gulag and imprisoned for some time. However, due to the actions of the then-concealed Dr. Eggman, the teammates were able to escape along with fellow criminals Snively Kintobor, Nack the Weasel, Sleuth Dog, Drago Wolf, Warlord Kodos, and Uma Arachnis. Joining the assemblage of villains under Snively's leadership, Frog confronted the Freedom Fighters again in capturing Nate Morgan, a venture that proved much more successful than his previous encounters with the heroes. Sadly, his success was short-lived, as he and the rest of the future Destructix were defeated and captured by the Royal Secret Service under Geoffrey St. John.

Following another escape from Devil's Gulag, Flying Frog and his teammates, which now included Sleuth and Drago, would take up residence in a factory that had once belonged to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, keeping Tommy Turtle as a convenient punching bag. Later, Sonic the Hedgehog infiltrated this factory to liberate his old friend Tommy, only to watch as the Destructix, though they were not yet called that-attempted to make a deal with Dr. Eggman to sell him the factory, which by rights he already owned. Frog and the others were then subjected to Roboticization, becoming Robians in service to Eggman. Due to Sleuth's apparently suicidal attempt to prevent his own transformation, it seemed briefly as though the Destructix had been destroyed, but they in fact survived and were De-Roboticized by the Bem. Later, robotic doubles of their Robian forms would attack Sonic as part of a ruse to get an Auto Automaton of Tommy Turtle into Knothole. When recovered by Eggman, these doubles contained video of the Destructix making a deal with "Anonymous", a mysterious being who would later turn out to be Eggman's computer virus son A.D.A.M..

Once the Destructix were officially organized, all of its members set out to recapture Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Emerald, which was in Merlin Prower's possession, in order to release him. Flying Frog and the others then attacked Merlin, Sir Connery, and Tails while they were in Knothole and almost succeeded in their mission, while Flying attempted to strangle the magician using his scarf in the process. However, the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix engaged them yet again, and Flying was tied up by his own scarf with Merlin's magic and defeated alongside the rest as usual. He and the others were taken to prison, only to be liberated when Mogul escaped from the Emerald himself. When Ixis Naugus arrived and challenged Mogul for the Crown of Acorns, Frog fought against his Arachne as well as the arriving Freedom Fighters and Chaotix. After Mogul and Naugus joined forces, the battle continued between only two sides, but then ended with the destruction of the Sword and Crown of Acorns and the capture of the villains by the Egg Fleet. Frog and his compatriots were then teleported to the Egg Grape Chamber, where Mogul briefly protected them before lowering his shields and leaving them at Eggman's mercy.

Luckily for the criminals, Dr. Finitevus arrived shortly thereafter with Scourge the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat to liberate the Destructix. The doctor called upon them for their muscle, first requiring Frog and his teammates to play the part of reformed mercenaries by defending the helpless Echidnas of Angel Island from the Dingoes. Flying Frog and his compatriots revealed their true colors soon enough by ambushing and capturing Knuckles the Echidna when he returned to Angel Island, and then handed him over to the Dark Legion. Following his brainwashing and transformation into Enerjak, the Destructix, now joined by Fiona Fox in place of Rouge, were set at watch over a device created by the Brotherhood of Guardians to destroy Enerjak in the event of his return. They were soon challenged by Sonic, Julie-Su, and Locke as they attempted to claim the device, only to be thwarted by Archimedes the Fire Ant and then have their mission rendered unnecessary by Sonic's destruction of the weapon. Unnerved by the ensuing battle between Enerjak and Super Sonic, Flying Frog and his allies left through one of Finitevus' Warp Rings, having decided to become full-fledged mercenaries.

The group soon found themselves once again employed by Mammoth Mogul, who commissioned them to bring him Sonic's running shoes. After a brief fight with Sonic, Sally, and fellow mercenaries Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite-whom Mogul had also hired but who had switched sides on Sally's offer of better payment: they captured Sonic and took him to Mogul's casino. They were all then defeated by Sonic, Sally, Amy Rose, and Geoffrey St. John, only for Rouge to pass the word to them that Mogul's plan all along had been to discredit Sonic by capturing him and then having him confront Mogul without evidence that Mogul had been involved.

Some time after, Drago left and Lightning abandoned the team to rejoin the Raiju Clan, sending Flying and the rest into a deep depression. Having been handed over to Fiona's control later by Sleuth who wanted to retire from bounty-hunting, Flying and the remaining Destructix promised to serve her only if she would first help them get Lightning back onto the team. To this end she accepted their deal and they traveled to the Dragon Kingdom where they heard Sonic and some Freedom Fighters were as well. They then set a trap, and Frog joined Sergeant Simian in ambushing Sonic while Sally Acorn and Monkey Khan met with the local Lord of the Yagyu Clan.

Once Sally and Khan arrived, hostilities resumed briefly, and Frog faced off against Sonic on his own and was easily beaten. The two feuding groups eventually worked out a deal to storm the Iron Fortress held by the Raiju Clan- the Freedom Fighters working with Destructix so they could break the clan's ties to the Iron Dominion just like the rest and weaken it. During the plan to gain entry, Flying flew over the fortress walls and joined Predator and Tails in attacking Raiju ninja while the rest of their teams dealt with gate. Their confrontation with the Bride of Conquering Storm resulted in a duel between Lightning and Sonic, whose victory led to Lightning's expulsion from his clan, leaving him no choice but to rejoin his former comrades-in-arms.

With the team fully assembled, Frog followed Fiona as she cut a deal with Finitevus to gain acces to the Cosmic Interstate, and reacted with extreme violence against the Zone Cops in order to get themselves arrested and free Scourge from prison. When they found Scourge though, Flying and the others discovered that he had become weak as well as rude. Flying and the team saved him once again from being executed by King Maxx, but by then he believed Scourge was a lost cause and began to use his prison nickname, "Snot".

Over the next few days though, Flying noticed Scourge had been talking to the other Destructix while seemingly avoiding him, and went to his cell to inquire about this. Scourge nervously insisted otherwise, and mentioned the times they worked together before, which appeared to placate Flying. However, Frog wondered if Scourge really wanted him around as he had done "things". Confusing Scourge over what he meant, Flying then leapt at him, exclaiming that he wanted to "play" Scourge's "games". Flying then hectically explained how the "games" he "played" with Destructix were like the ones he did in Mercia before, becoming more incoherent and crazed with everything he said until Scourge finally grabbed Frog and yelled at him to stop. Scourge then stated bluntly that Flying was working for him, and he simply agreed, adding that it sounded "fun" as he left. (SU: #31) That same evening, Flying slipped out his cell, scaled the cell block walls with Lightning and Fiona, and entered the comand center using a key card taken from some guards they knocked out. While Flying and Lightning dealt with Major Znively and the guards there, Fiona released the prisoners and altered the gravity to start a riot. She then deactivated the Control Collars on Flying and the rest of the gang to give them an edge, and they destroyed the command center's stations before escaping into the chaos outside. Flying then stuck by Scourge as he had Al & Cal's collars removed, and watched in surprise as their powerful demigod forms wreaked havoc in the prison, allowing them to escape to the exercise yard.

Once Fiona came back and told them their gear had been stolen though, Scourge had Flying go with the rest to find the thief in the processing area while he covered for them. There they found King Maxx and Jeffrey St. Croix attempting to escape via their stolen Warp Ring, and as the others viciously beat them, Flying handed back Fiona her clothes in a gentlemanly fashion while saying he would not "try to wear them this time". Once back in his regular clothes, Flying and the Destructix escaped through the Warp Ring with Scourge before the F.O.E. Inhibitors could stop them. Arriving in Moebius' Grand Forest, Frog waited to complete Finitevus' job, only to hear Scourge proclaim he now lead the Destructix, and had his own plans for them.