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The Felidae

The Felidae have a long history of violence with other cultures they have come in contact with. Dating back to the Forgotten War, the Felidae were at odds with the ancestors of the Wolf Pack over the ownership of a mutually revered artifact known as the Ancient Onyx. The wolves eventually left their lands for unknown reasons and the Felidae were given free reign of the now empty northern territory, though they made little use of it. Another society they waged war with centuries ago was a warrior sect of Echidna colonists from Albion know as the Knuckles Clan when they attempted to settle in their lands. Having fought brutally against the Knuckles Clan with numerous victories, the scientist caste left to settle elsewhere while the warriors' leader, Pachacamac, unwittingly lead his own people to their destruction when they attacked a shrine nearby to use the power of the Super Emeralds there and injured many native Chao. This infuriated their guardian, Chaos, who turned his wrath on the echidnas and wiped them out before being imprisoned with the Onyx, giving the Felidae another victory. Whichever conflict came first is uncertain though.

The Felidae were reunited with part of their past in the modern age when Dr. Eggman broke apart the Master Emerald in an attempt to revive Chaos and caused Angel Island to fall into the ocean just offshore of the Pais Mysterioso in 3236. The cats recognized the landmass as the current home their hated echidna enemies and grew suspicious of another invasion attempt. Deciding to strike the first blow, a landing party of warriors accompanied by Queen Hathor made landfall, captured the Chaotix, and took them back as hostages. After making some slightly transparent death threats to the group for their insolence, Hathor was surprised to see Locke approach, willing to finish their dated conflict if the Felidae were. Hathor pitted their reigning champion, Razorklaw, against the aged Guardian, who managed to best the larger cat and then attempted to convince their presence near the Felidae's territory was just a coincidence. Only after being shown ruins of the Knuckles Clan's failed colony did they realize the impact of their history with each other.

A year later, the Felidae had ancient history dug up around them yet again. This time the wolves had returned to reclaim their abandoned homeland and bring all the packs together under the banner of their new Wolf Pack Nation. Relations went off to a poor start as minor skirmishes broke put between both the Felidae and the wolves with the former reportedly hurling spears before any words could be spoken on at least one instance. Things escalated in short time, with the Felidae kidnapping Grand Chief Lupe's children and then having some of their own warriors abducted in turn. The situation continued to worsen nearly to the point of all out war when the Felidae discovered the Black Emerald to be missing and accused the wolves for stealing it, while being blamed by them for the same crime. Later, Sonic the Hedgehog and the lowly Felidae fisherman Big the Cat approached Queen Hathor on what Sonic described as a mercy mission, while Big stated that they were in search of the "Ancient Onyx", to which Hathor accused Sonic of having stolen on the spot. After explaining the situation, Sonic was able to convince both the Felidae and an arriving war party of Wolves to travel to the Mystic Ruins, where they found the local Eggman Empire presence: a Dark Egg Legion chapter led by the disgraced Razorklaw and Wolf Pack traitor Drago Wolf and consisting of renegade members of both cultures. After defeating the Legion and reclaiming the artifact, the Felidae came to an uneasy peace with the Wolves through the aid of Sally Acorn, in which they shared custody of the Black Emerald.

The Felidae have a monarchical-structured society, with a Queen as their leader. Clothing is an important cultural aspect, as the tribe uses apparel to define their social standing and identities; even the Queen speaks of herself as a separate entity when not wearing her cloak. The native Cats also prefer not to speak "simply to hear [them]selves", limiting their use of dialogue to when it is necessary. The Felidae's mindset prior to the war with the Knuckles Clan hundreds of year ago is uncertain, but the Cat people have ever since been xenophobic and very distrusting of outsiders, particularly of echidnas and deemed trespass into their enemies' ruins as strictly taboo. Due to this, after Angel Island fell into the ocean, the Felidae's paranoia lead them to believe it may have been another attempt to invade their lands. Their distrust of outsiders is so ingrained into their minds that they are willing to believe the words of outcasts from their own people before anyone else. Association with outsiders is forbidden as well and is grounds for being labeled a heathen and exiled from the Felidae. Other aspects of their society include barbaric rituals, such as eating their young if they "get out of line", torturing hostages, and fights to the death to solve disputes. In cases where the loser survives, he or she is banished in disgrace for having shown weakness in a society that allows none. Despite hundreds of years having passed since the war with the Knuckles Clan, the Mysterious Cat Country natives continue to use primitive, pre-medieval level technology.

Queen Hathor

Typical Felidae Warriors

Former Members:
Big the Cat