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F) Un100
A) Un100
S) CL1000
E) CL1000
R) Un100
I) Un100
P) CL1000

Health: 2200 Karma: 1100
Resources: CL1000 Pop: 0

Known Powers:
True Invulnerability: CL1000 resistance to all attacks
Reality Alteration: CL1000 ability to warp reality with the Special Zone using the Chaos Force.
Cosmic Awareness: CL1000 awareness of this universe and several others that exist as alternates of this one.
Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe


Talents: Occult Background and Lore

Contacts: None


Feist was first seen by Sonic when he entered King Maximillian Acorn's dreams while the king was comatose and succumbing to a crystallization spell set on him by Naugus. In the dream, Sonic learned that Feist attacked King Acorn shortly after his arrival in the Zone, but King Acorn escaped and eventually made an alliance with Ixis Naugus. Later, Naugus revealed that he had defeated Feist using his magic while battling Ultra Sonic and Hyper Tails.

Following the battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and A.D.A.M. and the transport of all Chaos Emeralds into the Zone of silence, Sonic and Tails traveled to the Zone in search of them. They found the dimension miraculously changed, Feist having fused the countless Emeralds into seven jewels and taken over. Apparently content with the Zone as his realm and considering the pair his loose allies due to their shared antagonism of Ixis Naugus, he granted them the grey Chaos Emerald, which was used to help King Acorn recover from poison. Feist stated that Sonic would have to earn the others if he wanted them, an event made all the more likely by the loss of the grey Chaos Emerald to Naugus' master, Mammoth Mogul.