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King Elias Acorn

King Elias King

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Ex20
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Rm30

Health: 100 Karma: 60
Resources: Rm Pop: 25

Known Powers:

Katar-Like Blades: (x2) In material, Rm Edge

Talents: Leadership, Martial Arts A, B, E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Survival, Edged Weapons, Detective/Espionage

Contacts: Kingdom of Acorn, Council of Acorn, Megan Acorn, Alexis Acorn, Sally Acorn, Secret Freedom Fighters


Still a toddler when his younger sister Sally was born, Elias accompanied his mother Queen Alicia on a voyage intended to see them to safety from the threat of the Overlanders during the Great War. During the trip, their aircraft was attacked, and upon losing communication with them King Max thought his wife and son dead, and thus began grooming the infant Sally to take over the throne one day instead. In truth, Elias and his mother-and one attendant, Colonel Sommersby-survived, crash landing on Angel Island. Found by the Brotherhood of Guardians, they were taken to the safety of Haven, the Brotherhood's secret facility. For most of his early years, Elias was raised by the Brotherhood, and continued to call Haven home as he journeyed around Angel Island. He would later meet Colonel Sommersby and his wife in residence at the Kingdom of Acorn's royal compound on the island.

With Robotnik Prime defeated, King Max became determined to learn the truth of what had happened to his wife and son. To that end, he dispatched Geoffrey St. John-son of one of the crewmembers who had died protecting Elias and his mother on their voyage-and his newly reformed Royal Secret Service to Angel Island. Elias soon encountered the group, and after they dealt with bizarre weather conditions on Angel Island and with Moritori Rex (who had posed as the Guardian Tobor for years) Elias accompanied them home with his mother.

Getting to know his sister Sally for the first time, Elias quickly formed a deep bond with her, often turning to her for advice. This was especially true after Max decided that his son would be trained to assume the throne as was tradition, which seemed inevitable after Sally refused to merge with the Source of All in the time-honored royal rite of passage. Inexperienced and desperate for help, Elias turned to Geoffrey St. John for advice. Unfortunately, Geoffrey's rather biased decisions against the Freedom Fighters-coupled with a number of near catastrophes brought on by Elias' hesitant rule during a coma of Max's own and only averted by Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters-left Elias feeling unworthy, and in shame he fled Knothole to start a new life elsewhere.

Settling in Feral Forest, Elias married Megan, a female squirrel, and became the father of her child. His self-imposed exile lasted for some time, until he was finally tracked down, not only by his old acquaintance Geoffrey and his partner Hershey Cat, but also by an army of robots dispatched by Dr. Eggman. Fortunately, Elias and his wife were saved by the timely actions of the Freedom Fighters, and he was at last reconciled with his family after running away from them. Elias chose to remain absent from royal affairs, feeling himself below the responsibility of ruling.

When Sonic came to him over a year later, begging for his help after Sally was married by the scheming Patch, a villain from Anti-Mobius with designs on the throne, Elias returned to claim his birthright. Patch, unwilling to suffer defeat, attempted to poison the new king, only to be stopped and exposed by Sonic. Assuming his title, King Elias then annulled Sally's marriage to the evil version of Antoine D'Coolette.

Unfortunately, in taking over for his yet again incapacitated father Max, Elias found himself inheriting a number of problems: namely, a horde of Metal Sonic Troopers built to replace Sonic during the year in which he was thought dead, all of which went on a rampage through Knothole. Weathering this crisis, Elias took part in Sonic's first birthday following his return, the celebration taking place at a refurbished Freedom HQ.

After that event was broken up by Eggman and other disturbances, Elias joined in a battle for the Source of All as the villains Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus attempted to lay claim to it. Despite fighting bravely, Elias proved unable to contribute much, failing even to cleanse the Crown of Acorns from Mogul's magical taint.

Elias' first known pleasant duty as king came with the wedding of Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette, which he presided over and performed in his role as king. After this, sadly, another blow struck Elias' already shaky confidence: the destruction of Knothole by Eggman and the capture of almost all its inhabitants. Elias and the others were imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chamber, where Eggman proceeded to mock Elias' ability to lead and the Acorn monarchy. Before he could use the Egg Grape Chambers however, the Mobians were rescued by Sonic, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Tails and NICOLE, and took up residence in the city of New Mobotropolis, Elias remaining determined to carry on in his duties.

Opposition came from an unexpected source: Amadeus Prower, former general of the Kingdom of Acorn and father of Miles "Tails" Prower, one of the Freedom Fighters. Having seen how badly the House of Acorn had performed in their duties over the past three generations, Amadeus and his wife, Rosemary Prower, decided that it was time for Elias to step down and a new government to be instated. Elias had Amadeus arrested, but after confronting him in prison was left with more doubts than ever. Max, recovered from his poisoning at the hands of Patch and still expecting Elias to hold rigidly to his own ideals, didn't make things any easier for his son. Not considering any other options, Elias decided that he had to fight for the monarchy his family and friends had given so much for, and deliberately allowed Amadeus to reach him after the Fox escaped from prison with Tails' help. The two dueled briefly until Sally intervened, convincing her brother and the general that there were peaceful solutions to be found to the satisfaction of both parties. Agreeing, Elias and Amadeus drew up the plans for the Council of Acorn, a new ruling body that would include seven members-the current monarch and six elected representatives-who would be in charge of the governing process. Elias lost some power to the people, but the Kingdom retained its traditional monarchy. The only person who seemed to disagree with this solution was Max, who refused to speak to his son immediately afterwards.

The new Council - composed of Elias, Rosemary, Charles "Uncle Chuck" Hedgehog, Rotor the Walrus, and members of the Substitute Freedom Fighters - would soon be put to the test by the emergence of a new Enerjak, a seemingly omnipotent villain created by the mad scientist Dr. Finitevus by brainwashing Knuckles the Echidna and infusing him with the energies of the Master Emerald of Angel Island. Despite recognizing that Enerjak posed a threat, the Council refused to act until more information could be gathered, though they did give Sally command of the Freedom Fighters. Unfortunately, their inaction may have left New Mobotropolis vulnerable as Enerjak, virtually unopposed on Angel Island, arrived and easily defeated the defenders.

The Enerjak crisis was soon dealt with by the combined efforts of Super Sonic, Julie-Su, Locke and Archimedes. Weeks later however it was replaced by another conflict as Scourge the Hedgehog, another villain from Anti-Mobius, arrived with his Suppression Squad to take over Freedom HQ.

Elias Acorn as King