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Doctor Finitevus

Doctor Finitevus

F) Ex20
A) Rm30
S) Rm30
E) In40
R) In40
I) In40
P) Am50

Health: 120 Karma: 130
Resources: Ex Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Chaos Force Manipulation: Un ability to manipulate the Chaos Energy. He can perform the following power stunts:
-Chaos Blast: Up to Un Energy, 10 areas
-Teleportation: Mn
-Energize: Mn ability to energize or empower anything with Chaos Energy
-Mind Wipe: Mn
-Mind Control: Mn
-Telekinesis: Am

Warp Rings: Un material, these Warp Rings are worn on his arms and legs. He can use these to perform the following power stunts:
-"Elongation": Finitevus can extend parts of his arms or legs over various distances.

Talents: Engineering, Repair/Tinkering, Occult Lore and Background, Medicine, Biology

Contacts: Dark Legion, Destructix


Before becoming an albino Echidna with Chaos energy-manipulating powers, Dr. Finitevus was an ordinary echidna residing in Albion. An ambitious and brilliant scientist, he was particularly interested in Chaos energy and offered promising talent in Albion's research of Chaos radiation. One of Finitevus's many inventions was the Chaos Siphon Suit, based off the design of Dimitri and Edmund's original Chaos Syphon. When Knuckles evolved and wielded power even greater than Dimitri in his Enerjak form, the Albion High Council voted to drain the immense power from Knuckles in order to prevent him from becoming a threat. Their original attempt failed, which caused Knuckles to evolve even faster into Chaos Knuckles. Following this, Albion sought to use Finitevus' Chaos Siphon Suit to drain the immense power from Knuckles as a backup plan.

Knuckles was recaptured by the two bounty hunters Nic and Nack the Weasel, by whom he was handed over to Albion. Finitevus then started using the Chaos Siphon Suit on Knuckles. Although initially it seemed to be working, the process was interrupted by Charmy Bee and his girlfriend, Saffron, resulting in Finitevus absorbing the Chaos energies into himself. This mass intake of Chaos radiation not only mutated Finitevus into an albino Echidna, but corrupted his mind into believing the world was corrupt and needed to be purged. The interruption also allowed Knuckles to remain in his Chaos-form, becoming even more powerful than he had been before the ill-advised attempt.

Due to the vast amounts of Chaos radiation he was imbued with through the Chaos Siphon Suit, Finitevus's mutations went beyond physical. He learned to gain mastery over the Chaos Force, using it to create the Warp Ring as a means of fast travel. Additionally however, Finitevus's views of the world had been warped and distorted as well. He began expressing beliefs that the world was corrupt and had to be purged. Upon realizing the effects the Chaos radiation had on his psyche and the danger he posed with his mastery of the Chaos Force, the Albion Council voted to have him euthanized. However, he saw through their plans and escaped captivity via Warp Ring. To exact his revenge, Finitevus returned to Albion and sabotaged its defenses. He then manipulated the Eggman Empire into invading Albion and killed all of its citizens. He then moved onto planning his next move.

Following Albion's destruction, Dr. Finitevus joined the Dark Legion and offered to save a dying Dimitri, no one knowing that he had ulterior motives in mind, namely learning more of the nature of Chaos by dissecting Dimitri's body. Finitevus did indeed save Dimitri, but at the cost of his body, leaving him as a floating head in a glass ball. It has been assumed that the doctor told the rest of the Dark Legion that Dimitri had died during the operation, as Lien-Da apparently thought he was dead. Finitevus then captured the Brotherhood of Guardians (minus Locke) to study how their bloodline could manipulate Chaos energies. Finitevus had also captured former Dark Legion Grandmaster Moritori Rex, as he had pretended to be the Guardian Tobor for years. After learning all he could, Finitevus threw the Brotherhood and Moritori into the Twilight Zone.

Finitevus first became known to Knuckles and the Chaotix when they went to Angel Island to help rescue Locke. The Dark Legion's technomage and a personal confidant to the Legion's acting ruler Lien-Da, Finitevus demonstrated his utter disgust at the civillian Echidnas' beliefs in the Avatar. When an Echidna couple asked Knuckles, who they believed to be the Avatar, to heal their daughter's blindness, Finitevus snapped at them, angry at how they believed in the prophecy of the Avatar and how they showed no appreciation for the Legion's assistance to their family, or how they refused to allow the Legion to replace their daughter's eyes with cybernetic ones.

While Knuckles entered the Master Emerald Chamber, Lien-Da and Finitevus watched, and while Lien-Da insulted Knuckles, Finitevus remained silent. Later, when Knuckles and the others were forming a plan to rescue Locke from the Dingoes, Finitevus took part in the meeting, but never actually said anything. Finitevus was one of many Echidnas who stayed at the Master Emerald Chamber during the mission, and when Hunter arrived he stood poised to defend it. After Hunter transported Remington and numerous other Echidnas to Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chambers, Finitevus began his attack. According to Archimedes, Finitevus was also defeated by Hunter. However, no one knew that the doctor had simply used Hunter's attack to mask his own escape.

With everyone assuming Finitevus to have been captured, the mad scientist took this chance to free Remington from his captivity in the Egg Grape Chambers and heal him back to health. Hoping to use someone from the bloodline of Edmund or Dimitri to create a new Enerjak, Finitevus informed the amneasie-riddled Remington of his heritage as the son of Kragok and replaced parts of his body with cybernetics, turning him into a member of the Dark Legion. Aware of his birthright, Remington went off to contest Lien-Da for control of the Dark Legion, while Dr. Finitevus decided to use Knuckles instead to be the new Enerjak.

After laying low for some time, Dr. Finitevus saved Scourge the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat from Shadow the Hedgehog's wrath, providing them with a Warp Ring to escape. He then asked for their help in return, and they accepted. Finitevus and his new minions then broke into Eggman's Egg Grape Chamber, where they freed the Destructix. Having been abandoned by their former master Mammoth Mogul, the Destructix became the servants of Dr. Finitevus. Finitevus and his growing army then headed to an ancient military base, where the doctor stole some data from the ancient robotic guard, Isaac. Finitevus also planned to use some ancient missiles within the base, but Rouge betrayed him here and sabotaged the missiles. Finitevus then sent the Destructix and Scourge after Rouge, but she escaped to Knothole with one of Finitevus' Warp Rings. Thanks to a deal made by Fiona Fox, the Destructix and Scourge got the Warp Ring back to Finitevus without having to capture Rouge.

Following this, Finitevus showed up on Angel Island and helped Locke prevent the Master Emerald from being summoned by A.D.A.M. - Eggman's computer virus "son" gone rampant.

Not long after this, a group of Dingoes attacked the now small village of Echidnaopolis, only to be stopped by none other than the Destructix. Locke arrived as soon as this happened, only to find Dr. Finitevus explaining that he had "reformed" the Destructix and they had come to protect Angel Island. Locke was sceptical, so the doctor brought forth Dimitri to help convince Locke of his motives. Finitevus then gave Locke a Warp Ring, telling him to use it to find his forefathers, the Brotherhood of Guardians. As a final push, Finitevus asked Locke if he should contact Knuckles for assistance. Locke, who had been having arguments with his son lately, immediately said "no" and left, though not before telling Finitevus that he'd be checking up on him. As soon as Locke left, however, Finitevus commented this was "all too easy" and led Dimitri into the Master Emerald chamber. There, he told Dimitri his ultimate goal was to revive Enerjak and use him to crush the Dingo Regime and reunify the splintered Dark Legion. In actuality, Finitevus had hoped to revive Enerjak to destroy the world, which he felt to be corrupt beyond repair.

During the Egg Fleet's attack on New Mobotropolis, Scourge reported to Finitevus (who was busy performing some sort of ritual to the Master Emerald) that Dimitri had fled, apparently changing his mind about becoming Enerjak again. However, Finitevus was not distressed. In fact, Finitevus was happy that Dimitri had left, as he was hoping he would. Scourge, though confused, dismissed it and left. Not long after this, Scourge and his new girlfriend reported to the doctor that the Dingoes were launching another attack on Echidnaopolis, and that the Flame Legion and Frost Legion had figured out what Finitevus was up to and decided to work together to stop him. But Finitevus thought neither as threats, and then headed back to the Master Emerald Chamber. A few seconds later, the new Enerjak appeared in front of Scourge and Fiona. Not long after this, Finitevus sent the Destructix (Scourge and Fiona included) to guard a weapon that the Brotherhood built that could destroy Enerjak.

The new Enerjak was later revealed to be none other than Knuckles. Earlier, when he had come back to Angel Island to liberate it from the Dingoes and patch things up with his father, the Destructix ambushed and captured him. They then handed him over to the Flame and Frost Legions, whom in turn handed him over to Dr. Finitevus, Lien-Da, and the Frost Legion's Grandmaster, Remington. Knuckles demanded an explanation from Finitevus for Remington's apparent amnesia, and the doctor explained how he had saved Remington from Eggman's Egg Grapes, which had drained him of his memories. Finitevus then told Knuckles 90% of the Echidna population had been slain by the Eggman Empire, including those in Albion, (though Finitevus left out that he was the one responsible for the death of the Echidnas in Albion) leaving Knuckles speechless. The doctor continued to explain how he had got Lien-Da and Remington to work together as long as each of them got some of the Master Emerald's power so they could crush the Dingoes. But Knuckles, thinking it was his responsibility to stop the Dingoes, started taking the Master Emerald's power. Lien-Da and Remington tried to stop him, but Finitevus revealed how Knuckles taking the Master Emerald's power was part of his plan. Lien-Da and Remington then quickly retreated to rally their forces against this new threat, as Finitevus convinced Knuckles (who had taken most of the Master Emerald's power and was now brainwashed by a spell Finitevus put on the emerald) to become the new Enerjak. Knuckles' old mentor, Archimedes, had witnessed all of these events, attempting to contact Knuckles through telepathy though to no avail.

Later, while Enerjak was out on his rampage through Mobius, Sonic and Tails came to the Master Emerald Chamber, looking for Knuckles. (not knowing he was the new Enerjak). While the duo searched, Finitevus hid away from their sight.

After Enerjak had escaped from Dr. Eggman's Egg Grapes and destroyed much of New Megaopolis as well as the Egg Fleet, he had found that the Egg Grapes had drained much power from him and so he teleported back to the Master Emerald Chamber on Angel Island, where Dr. Finitevus was still hiding out at. Finitevus then started repowering Enerjak when, suddenly, Sonic entered the chamber (Spindashing Finitevus in the process) and used this as a chance to take some of the Master Emerald's power, becoming Super Sonic once more. However, Finitevus actually seemed delighted about this. Awhile before the new Enerjak was made, Finitevus explained his motives to Scourge. He was angry at the fact that many generations of Guardians and Dark Legion Grandmasters haven't changed anything, and how the world is corrupt. So he brought back Enerjak due to the fact that the war between the Brotherhood and Dark Legion began with him, so it shall be ended by him, along with the rest of the world.

While Finitevus anticipated that Sonic, like Knuckles, would fall victim to his spell, Sonic's positive aura somehow prevented the hex from affecting him. Curious but unconcerned, Dr. Finitevus watched as Super Sonic and Enerjak did battle above Angel Island. When confronted by Julie-Su and Archimedes, who demanded that he return Knuckles to normal, Finitevus replied calmly that even had he wanted to, he couldn't. As insurance against the efforts of Knuckles' various allies, he had "locked" his spell on the Master Emerald, preventing anyone from tapping into it and thus helping Knuckles unless it was broken by someone sacrificing him or herself. Julie-Su and Archimedes were both willing, but then Locke stepped forward, hoping to mitigate his failures as a father. Finitevus attacked the trio, determined to prevent them from interfering, but was then teleported away by Archimedes long enough for Locke to fulfill his task. Returning, Dr. Finitevus was attacked by a vengeful Knuckles, who had every intention of killing him, only to escape through a Warp Ring.