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Drago Wolf

Drago Wolf

F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) In40
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Gd10

Health: 140 Karma: 30
Resources: Pr Pop: -10

Known Powers:

Pistol: Gd Energy, 10 areas

Talents: Martial Arts B, E, Wrestling, Survival

Contacts: The Destructix


Drago was once a member of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. He was the wildcard of the group - usually the first to disobey orders and go off on his own. Easily swayed by his lust for the easy life, Drago defected to Robotnik's side and started acting as a double agent. He convinced his abused girlfriend, Hershey, to sneak into Robotropolis wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog suit in a staged mission to kill Robotnik's nephew, Snively. Unknown to Hershey, the suit was fitted with an optical device that caused her to believe that anyone she saw was Snively. Because of this, Hershey nearly killed Sally Acorn, cutting the rope that was suspending Sally with a knife. When Hershey realized what Drago had made her do, she retaliated by beating him up and knocking him out by throwing a rock at his head when he tried to make a hasty escape. Drago was captured and sent to the Devil's Gulag with several other prisoners, sentenced to life behind bars for his crimes.

After the mass jailbreak from Devil's Gulag, Drago teamed up with Sleuth Doggy Dogg and the Fearsome Foursome and hid out for a while, until he approached Robo-Robotnik aka Dr. Eggman. This encounter left Drago roboticized, and caught in an explosion shortly thereafter that leveled the building. Drago apparently escaped the building's destruction, and with the rest of the inhabitants was De-Roboticized. However, he was later seen making a deal with a mysterious entity known as "Anonymous." Robotic duplicates of Drago and his cohorts were later deployed by Anonymous, only to be destroyed. They carried video footage of Drago and the others' meeting and a message from Anonymous, who was later revealed to be Robotnik's computer virus "son" A.D.A.M..

The true Drago formed the Destructix with his fellow former inmates. Thus renamed, the group attempted to defeat the Freedom Fighters/Chaotix on their own. Unfortunately for them, they were defeated and imprisoned, only to be later freed and pressed into the service of Mammoth Mogul. After a battle against both the Freedom Fighters/Chaotix and the Arachne, the two villain forces united, placing Drago and the other members of the Destructix together with the Arachne under both Mogul and Ixis Naugus. However, after the Sword and Crown of Acorns were destroyed, Drago and his fellow villains were all captured by the Egg Fleet and imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chamber.

However, Drago and his associates were later rescued by Dr. Finitevus, an action reported to the Freedom Fighters by Rouge the Bat. Drago, like his cohorts, took part in Finitevus' plans to trick Locke into handing over the duties of protecting Angel Island to the albino scientist. Drago and the other Destructix later ambushed Knuckles the Echidna when he arrived on Angel Island, and even Drago's getting knocked down didn't save Knuckles from being taken to Finitevus, Lien-Da, and Remington, and then becoming the new Enerjak.

Drago's personality makes him one of the more unlikable villains. He is quite a brute, but also a coward. Since he values strength above all else, Drago will also serve anyone who can outdo him in terms of ferocity.