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F) Gd10
A) Ty6
S) Ex20
E) In40
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health: 76 Karma: 18
Resources: Ty Pop: -5

Known Powers:
Robotic Construct: Burrobot is a Badnik, a robot created by Dr. Robotnik. His body gives him the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Immune to Disease and Toxins
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe
Drill Nose: In material, Burrobot's hands are drills, which allow him to perform the following power stunts:
-Edged Attack: Rm Edge
-Hyper-Digging: In
Treads: Burrobot can move at Ty land speed (6 areas/round) over most terrain.
-Growth Chip: In, +2cs to Drill Nose


Talents: Mining

Contacts: Badniks, Mammoth Mogul


Burrobot was first seen underground guarding an emerald that Robotnik had acquired. Sonic the Hedgehog dropped into its lair and Burrobot tried to drill him. Sonic kept Burrobot away by running circles around Burrobot, making it dizzy. Burrobot lost the emerald and its equilibrium. Because of its digging skills, Burrobot wasused for several tasks. It often tries to dig its way into Knothole Village without luck. One Burrobot tried planting Krudzu seeds in the Great Forest to root out the Knothole Freedom Fighters, but the Krudzu short-circuted in the rain, and Burrobot was planted in the recycling bin.

Undaunted, Burrobot was enlarged in an attempt to lure Sonic to his doom. Burrobot managed a lucky shot and almost ran over Sonic, but Bunnie Rabbot tossed Burrobot upside down. While Burrobot was trying to right itself, Sonic dug a deep fissure around the Burrobot, whose wight caused the trench to collapse on itself, crushing the giant Burrobot. A normal sized Burrobot was then used in assault at a former park, turned toxic dump. Burrobot tried to drill Tails and accidently stuck its nose into a barrel of acid. Later assaults at a (unknowingly staged) wedding were just as unfortunate. Before long, it was seen at the Robo-Hobo Jungle, where Sonic smashed it again.

Burrobot didn't show up again until years later, when Sonic decided to visit the Island of Misfit Badniks. As usual, Burrobot, like everyone else, was trashed. Pseudo Sonic was more of a challenge to Sonic, and that fight sunk the island. When the misfit Badniks tried to repair Pseudo Sonic, Burrobot discovered a Ratio Redoubler, similar to the one that made an older Burrobot a giant. They tried using it to enlarge Pseudo Sonic, but the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters interfered with them, and Burrobot had to finish repairs himself. Burrobot succeeded, but that jerk thanked Burrobot by knocking it out along with the other badniks, and the freedom fighters. Then Big Fluke smashed Pseudo Sonic, and the island, and all of the badniks, Burrobot included.