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The Babylon Rogues

Originally, all three members of the Babylon Rogues were part of an organization known as the Battle Bird Armada, but they deserted the group for their own purposes. Ever since then, they became a primary obsession of the Battle Lord, who believed that making them rejoin the Armada's ranks was key to returning to full strength and finding their long lost homeland. Sometime after they deserted, an Armada soldier named Predator Hawk attacked the Battle Lord's son, Speedy, out of jealousy of his inherited position, and as a result was imprisoned for his behavior. Wave, having broken into the Battle Fortress freed Predator and he joined them, which was ironic as Hawk had hunted the Rogues while serving the Armada. The foursome would go on many hunts using their Extreme Gear, sometimes after the Armada, but mostly after treasures, much to Predator's chagrin. At some point Jet and Predator discovered a golden bird idol from some old ruins, and attempted to sell the relic to Mammoth Mogul who was posing as a bazaar merchant. Mogul agreed to their "outrageous price," so long as the "living weapon"--Predator--came with him. Dissatisfied already due to the treasure hunts and being led by Jet, who in his opinion was a weak leader undeserving of his position like the Battle Lords, Predator happily entered Mogul's service, leaving the Rogues minus one member.

The Babylon Rogues became temporarily employed by Dr. Eggman after Jet attempted to steal a vapor accelerator from the doctor to boost his Extreme Gear. He was captured and brought before Eggman, who was intrigued by his speed on his Extreme Gear, remarking that Jet was nearly as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog with it. When Jet claimed to have never heard of this "poseur" and boasted about his own speed, Eggman was intrigued. He offered to free Jet if he would in exchange rough up Sonic. Jet agreed, provided he could bring along his friends, Wave and Storm. The trio entered the Great Forest not far from Freedom HQ and activated the security system to lure Sonic to them. When he arrived out in the forest, they attacked him. Despite Sonic's speed, being outnumbered and attacked by enemies using Extreme Gear proved too much for him to handle.

After Sonic was rather beaten up, they let him return to Freedom HQ, promising to head for his home the day after. The next day, the Rogues were enroute to attack Knothole directly, though they wondered if it was worth bothering after having so easily defeated Sonic earlier. Much to their shock, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles suddenly intercepted them with their own Extreme Gear. Displeased, Jet announced that he would wreck Knothole on principle now, and the groups confronted each other: Knuckles matching Storm, Tails matching Wave and Sonic matching Jet, speed for speed. The final results of this battle have not yet been shown, though presumably the Babylon Rogues were defeated and driven off by the defending trio.

Some time after the race against Sonic and his friends, the Babylon Rogues showed up near Cocoa Island in their zeppelin, apparently planning to attack the Battle Bird Armada. When Wave and Storm made note of the damage to the Armada's fortress, wondering if other rogues were responsible, Jet simply brushed it off, stating that only the rogues could touch the relics of their ancestors, and they were "going to remind their old buddies why that is".

While Team Hooligan was escaping from a brawl between Team Dark and Team Rose with a Sol Emerald in Northamer's Great Forest, Wave's scanners picked up the gem's unusual energy signal. The Rogues followed Team Hooligan in their blimp and began dropping bombs in an attempt to catch their target. Upon succeeding, they traveled down with their Extreme Gear and snatched the gem, only for things to get complicated when Team Hooligan member and former Armada member Bean the Dynamite happily latched onto Jet. Despite this nuisance, the trio managed to escape Nack the Weasel's sniper shots - for the time being. Team Hooligan pursued the Rogues on the Marvelous Queen, and before the Rogues could make it back to their blimp, one of Nack's shots hit the Sol Emerald itself, causing an unexpected fiery blast that threw the Rogues to the ground. Nack then recovered the gem, noticing that it hadn't been damaged at all - and hearing that, Jet and the others flew off while ordering the blimp's auto-pilot to drop its entire payload of bombs. However, this plan failed as Bean surprised them all by causing all the bombs to detonate prematurely. Eventually, Team Rose and Team Dark arrived, and so the Rogues entered a four-way scramble for the Sol Emerald.

At first the battle was nothing but a hectic riot, and when the Rogues grew tired of brawling and tried to make off with the emerald yet again, it began to jump back and forth between everyone, making for an even more chaotic melee. However the tides turned against them when Teams Rose and Dark began to cooperate, and the G.U.N. commandos ended up being herding the Rogues together with Team Hooligan who were corraled by the girls. Blaze then set off one of Bean's bombs and the resultant explosion was able to take both teams out of the fight in one move. At the battle's end, Storm had taken the brunt of the blast and was left stunned and smoldering, while shielding Wave who was aghast at their damaged Extreme Gear, and also Jet who attempted to take command of the situation and continue the fight. His orders were cut short by Wave however, when she decided they were leaving before losing their blimp in addition to both the emerald and the fight, and grabbed Jet by the headfeathers, marching off angrily and ranting about how hard it would be to repair their airboards. A shell shocked Storm followed them silently, carrying the scorched Extreme Gear in a burnt stack.

Jet the Hawk
Wave the Swallow
Storm the Albatross

Former Members:
Predator Hawk