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Amy Rose

Amy Rose

F) Pr4
A) Ty6
S) Pr4
E) Rm30
R) Pr4
I) Ty6
P) Gd10

Health: 44 Karma: 20
Resources: Pr Pop: 0

Known Powers:


Talents: Student

Contacts: Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rob O' The Hedge


Amy Rose's origins lie in the Kingdom of Mercia, a separate kingdom across the sea. Amy was born into a noble house, but her parents soon renounced their wealth to improve welfare and to help the poor and sick. When Dr. Ivo Robotnik took over and placed the High Sheriff as his sub boss in charge of Mercia, Amy's parents fell victim to the Roboticizer. Her cousin Rob looked after her in his uncle's stead, but conditions continued to grow worse, and thus he sent Amy off to the Kingdom of Acorn. There she lived for some time, while her cousin became the leader of the Mercian branch of Freedom Fighters known as the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters.

While living in Knothole, Amy became Sonic's "biggest fan", even wanting to marry him one day. Amy tried to become a part of the Freedom Fighters early on, but was denied by Sally Acorn. Amy accused Sally of the reason so she "won't get closer to Sonic" however the true reason was that Amy was far too young at the time and did not have the experience like Tails had.

She constantly sent fan mail to him, hoping to get his attention. Unfortunately, Dr. Ivo Robotnik found this mail and sent his newest creation, Metal Sonic, to kidnap the young hedgehog. He then used her a hostage to get Sonic to come to the Collison Chaos Zone, which he did. Sonic's best friend, Tails, was also kidnapped and held hostage with Amy. But Sonic defeated Metal Sonic and rescued both, resulting in Amy wanting to marry him even more.

When Sonic had been put in prison for treason, after being accused of allowing himself to be roboticized so that he could become stronger, Amy naturally protested against it. During Sonic's trial, Antoine humourously "badgered" Amy for trying to get a badger to join her Sonic Fan Club.

After the death of Robotnik, Amy continued to help the Freedom Fighters with certain tasks, such as the rebuilding Mobotropolis.