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A.D.A.M. possessing Tommy Turtle

F) Rm30/Ty6
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Am50/Gd10
E) Am50/Rm30
R) In40/Ex20
I) In40/Ex20
P) Am50/Rm30

Health: 160/52 Karma: 130/70
Resources: Ty Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Cybernetic Communication: Un ability to communicate with computers. He is also able to spread to other computer systems that connect to Eggman's databases and control them
Nanite Manipulation: Un ability to control an innumerable number of nanites, which he can use to infect and control virtually any mechanical device.
Nanites: Upon taking possession of Tommy Turtle's body, A.D.A.M. gained all the bionic properties granted to Tommy by his shell being fused together with nanites, such as the following:
-Rocket Pack: In airspeed
-Tendrils: Am material, A.D.A.M. has used the nanites to create tendrils, able to make up to four multiple attacks on a successful Fighting FEAT. Can engage in blunt attacks, wrestling, or a combination of these attack forms. He may attack non-adjacent foes up to 1 area away. A single tentacle has Rm Strength. Multiple tentacles used to attack have Am Strength. Multiple attacks are resolved on a single die roll, but are at +1cs for each arm used.
Shell: Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy


Talents: Computers, Electronics, Engineering

Contacts: None